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The Palubicki Family Crest

For those of you researching Kashubian/Polish ancestors, especially those that settled in Winona, Minnesota, my page should be helpful to you. My ancestors were all Polish. Most of them were Kashubian. The names I am researching from Kashubia are: PALUBICKI, MELING, MAJKOWSKI, ORLIKOWSKI, SADOWSKY, LITERSKI, MONDRY, MADRA, PIECHOWSKI, MEGIER, WIERKUS, WIERZBA, DEMBROWSKY, to name but a few!

My mothers grandparents were from Lekno, just northeast of Poznan and their surnames were BARTKOWIAK and RYMARKIEWICZ (New information on the route Jan and Anna Rymarkiewicz followed to America...they boarded the ship FLAMINGO in Hamburg on April 13, 1881. The ship was bound to America via Glasgow and Hull. Still looking for the next ship they took as apparently the Hamburg indexes incorrectly noted where the passengers were to board a new ship. It could be that they took a train to Liverpool. Now the search begins for ships to New York from Liverpool during May and June of 1881. It's never easy!) UPDATE: I still do not know when the Flamingo arrived at Glasgow. However, I found the names on the State of Nebraska, leaving Glasgow via Larne, Ireland. The ship left Glasgow on April 23, 1881 and arrived in New York on May 5, 1881. The surnames were spelled incorrectly and the homeland was also incorrect.

My database is a work in progress and I will continue to add more data as it becomes available to me. Most of this information was gleaned from LDS microfilms, vital records in the United States, newspaper articles and obituaries. Some of it is taken on "faith" from other researchers so all of it should be suspect to a serious researcher. It is important for accuracy that you verify any data you find here that pertains to your research by going to the LDS microfilms or other sources to double check the accuracy of my work. I am sure that despite my intentions to record everything correctly, mistakes were made.

The LDS microfilms I used were: 0500540,0162330, 0500542, 0500541, 0162333, 0162332, 0162331, 1618612, 1194753 and 0475067 all dealing with Birth/Death/Marriage records for Borszykowy parish, Poland (villages included: Kosabude, Smaldzin, Borowy Mlyn, Pradzona, Borzyskowo, Lakie, Glisno, Lipniece, Karpno, Stoltmann, Rutzenwalde, Mielno, Woyski, Osusznica, Lubon, Ostrowitz, Ossowo, Modziel, Liepnitz, Kiedrau, Kiedrowice, Hamer, Zapcen) as well as the following which covered Birth/Death/Marriages for Lipusz parish, Poland; (villages included: Mechau, Ploczyc, Lippusch, Pod. Niedamowa, Tuschkau, Papiermuhle, Kalisz, Mechowo-Lip., Squirawen, Gostomken, Grzybau, Bimachej, Sluza) 0163522, 1417785, 1417786, 0161891, 0529600, 0529601, 1618607.

Most of the Palubicki surnames were found on these films: 1201420 and 1634015. The locations of these films cover mainly Polschen a/k/a Kniprode-Polschen or Polczen, Pommern, Germany, now Polczno (Bytow), Koszalin, Poland, also the following; Mangwitz, Czarndamerow, Jukowin, Klein Polczen, Lippusch, and Oslawdamerow. Recent additions for Rymarkiewicz and Bartkowiak were received from a researcher I hired in Poland. She took the information from: Pila Archives, and Gniezno, as well as the civil registry offices in Lekno. Some of the place names she found in her searches are; Golancz, Sienno, Wagrowiec, Morkonos, Miescisko, Chojna, Zerniki, Izdebno and Srebmagora.

NOTE: There are variations in spelling of surnames and place names! Feel free to download this material but give me credit for compiling it and please do not publish it without my permission!

You can begin your search further down the page under "Polish Surname Database". Surnames are listed in alphabetical order.

If you're interested, take a look at map of Lipusz, Poland and the surrounding area. This map contains the names of many of the small villages in Lipusz parish and may be helpful.

Take a look at the last home in Poland of the Patriarch of the American Palubicki family, Michael and his wife Josephine (Meling), in 1869. This photgraph was taken in 1996. The house was demolished to make way for new construction in 1997.

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Unidentified photos of individuals that are connected in some way to the PALUBICKI family. These were given to me by Violet Collins who was the daughter of Pauline Palubicki Collins. Pauline was the daughter of Frank and Alice (Literski) Palubicki and the grandaughter of Michael and Josephine (Miling) Palubicki

More unidentified photos from Violet Collins

Still more unidentified photos from Violet Collins

Group shot of Palubicki relatives, unknown except for possibly the 4th woman from the left; Pauline Palubicki Collins, and the 2nd woman from the left; Alice Literski Palubicki. Probably taken after a funeral, everyone looks very sad.

More Unidentified Palubicki photosThese photos came from Robt. Gruchala. Cecelia Palubicki married Lewis Gruchala, they had 3 children. She died in North Dakota shortly after the birth of twin girls. Robt. thinks that these photos may be of her relatives from Winona, MN. Cecilia was the daughter of Frank and Alice (Literski) Palubicki.

Photo #2.

Unidentified Majkowski photographs these were given to me by Eleanor Pellowski Olivero who was the daughter of Valeria Majkowski and Joseph Pellowski. She thought they might be photographs of her sisters children.

Unidentified Piechowski photograph which was given to me by Sylvester Piechowski who was the grandson of Ignatz and Marianna (Megier) Piechowski.

What does the name Palubicki mean?

Palubicki Family History Chart
Rymarkiewicz Family History Chart
Bartkowiak Family History Report
Bartkowiak Birth Information

The above information was obtained from a paid researcher in Poland, as well as from others researching the Bartkowiak surname. I'll be adding more as I compile it.

The Jacob Palubicki/Anna Megier Family Descendant Chart
The Sadowsky Family History Chart
The Majkowski Family History Chart
The Orlikowski Family History Chart
The Mondry Family History Chart
The Literski Family History Chart
The Piechowski Descendant Chart
The Megier Family History Chart
Polish Palubicki Family Tree by Stash Szroeder, Klaczno, Poland
How They Came To America
Here is a picture of the church in Borszykowy which was taken and given to me for publication on this site by Peter von Lipinsky from Canada
Births/Deaths/Marriages extracted from incomplete data for the surname: PALUBICKI.
These extractions were originally done around 1942 and are considered to be incomplete by me due to the fact that the person doing the work did not include the names of the parents of those whose names he recorded in the birth and death records. So you will have to take all this information with a large grain of salt due to it's lack of important information.

New Database Under Construction
Deaths recorded in Bergfriede, Kreis Konitz, West Prussia, Catholic Church Records for the years of
1775 through 1778
1779 through 1782
1783 through 1785
1786 through 1788
1789 through 1791

New Database Under Construction
Extractions of Birth and Death records for Lekno Parish
1837 Births for Lekno Parish, Page 118
1852 Births for Lekno Parish
1854 Deaths for Lekno Parish
1855 Births for Lekno Parish
1857 Births for Lekno Parish

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Passenger ship list for the NS Bark St. Bernhard which sailed from the Port of Bremen to the Port of New York, landing on June 12, 1869.
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Ship Mediator, arrived New York May 4, 1846, carrying my former husbands family, Surname FITTING

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